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Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

Legendary drummer, 2013 Inductee into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame

"Amy is a gift to all musicians. Because of her due diligence, she was able to obtain a substantial amount of money owed me for a long time. This was made possible, because Amy cares for musicians and their well being. Job well done Amy...Kudos to you!"

Norbert Putnam

Legendary producer/bassist, member of the original Muscle Shoals rhythm section, 

2019 Inductee into the Musicians Hall of Fame 

"Amy opened my eyes to a myriad of music royalty streams, some of which, I was completely unaware of. She then provided the necessary guidance and paperwork to set up and procure the funds. I strongly recommend Amy Jackson Consulting!" 

Susan Marshall

Recording artist/backing vocalist/producer,

 President of the Memphis Grammy Chapter

"I saw a huge deposit come to my bank account - money that was due to me that I had no idea about. And never would have known."


"Amy...thank YOU for doing what you do! So many music creators will benefit from the expertise your company provides! I’m excited for my other musical brothers and sisters to receive money they’re DUE!"

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