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Music Makers With Their Money

Royalt​y Recovery Services for

 Artists ~ Producers ~ Musicians ~ Backing Vocalists ~ Songwriters

Estates/Beneficiaries of Music Makers

Welcome to Amy Jackson Consulting

 Where it's personal, not just business. 

I know firsthand the life of

 the music maker.

For 26 years, I was married to my late husband, trumpeter Wayne Jackson, co-founder of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-Winning Memphis Horns. During those 26 years, I worked as a litigation paralegal, and that legal background helped me tremendously in navigating the complex and ever-changing world of the music business, particularly royalty sources.


 What I didn't realize until 2017 was that I had been developing an area of expertise that many music makers and estates of music makers need. I am able to apply my personal experience and knowledge to achieve results for you. From sourcing unpaid royalties to ensuring you are receiving all the domestic and foreign, digital and terrestrial royalties available to you, I can help.



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